Trying out The Ipad Mini: Chicago


Testing the Ipad Mini: Chicago

Last week we received a perks kit for our #Briskbodega #Macklemoretour promotion trip coming up in a little over 2 weeks which included for us an Ipad Mini. One of the goals for the tour as we represent Chicago in Miami is to document the Macklemore concert with the Ipad Mini. This has been fun to play with in the little bit of free time we have had in the last week. We decided to get out of the house on this past super lovely Sunday to do some street shooting between Andersonville & Wicker Park with the lovely hues of Autumn and the seasonal shift. As a company often using #dslrs shooting with an Ipad was different yet quite liberating from carrying so much equipment. The sleek interface, light weight with quick to save controls made catching light bouncing between leaves very enjoyable. We walked around after a short CTA ride chasing the sun in Wicker Park literally which ended earlier than expected. I think we are going to need a little bit more practice with it to get that solid wow shot every time. We used “little photo” & “aviary” photo apps for this post just in case you’re curious. The Little Photo app works as a great macro, and Aviary has superb picture enhancing talents.

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