The 56 Annual Grammys-Recap

The 56 Annual Grammys-Recap

Last night was the 56th Annual Grammy’s as the world knows it. It was our first time ever watching it almost all the way through as we don’t park for that long in front of a television EVER. Our staff writer Jordhan Briggs took the twitter reigns and delivered some very humorous observations throughout the nights broadcast. The Grammy’s 3.5 hours long…WHY? We watched it for fun just to keep up with the hysterical tweets. With us commentary can be brutal because we are very honest with our observations so here are a few things we laughed at…pretty hard.

Beyoncé we get it girl you snuck an album on the world, married Jay-Z and had a cute baby that will be the new generation of queen divas most likely. However, nothing should have had your hair looking like that EVER. I mean come on when you see memes comparing your hair to ramen (the poor people’s champion) and you’re the Queen of Pop music a few hair dressers should of been fired. You can’t go down in history with a family dollar mop hair dew at the Grammys (but you did). Your destiny child is to hire a better hair dresser and stop lip syncing. It looks like you tried to take some of Rihanna’s sex appeal & half of Shakiras hair dew for a spin on the slow cycle. I was NOT impressed.

Pharell came out on top for the evening but nothing topped that hat, NOTHING. Pharell came from putting out Beyoncé’s hair in the forest and said fuck it I ‘ma keep the hat on. Mother Diablo said it looked like he was playing dress up in his dads’ closet. I thought the rest of the fit was tight but only Pharell could of pulled that hat off. I wanted to pull out the dimple on the left side of the hat it was messing with me the whole show. The Arbys comparison meme, I lost it. He gets mad props for all the awards he won dude is a musical genius, speaking of which where was Kanye?

Daft Punk with their get ups too crisp, too pimp. Ever since Tron Legacy I have wanted both helmets as part of our mantel someday. These dudes have the best taste, make bank and don’t have to say shit as their talent speaks for them. Actually a few musicians should take notes there, quite a few. Their performance with Stevie Wonder was an interesting paring but poor Stevie’s helmet was shining the loudest. We love some Stevie literally as we grew up with his music BUT  he needs to wonder why he’s reaching further back to scratch his hair.

Macklemore & Ryan not sure what he does Lewis received a ton of people hating on them during the Grammys largely for the categories he won. When he walked on stage Ryan Lewis looked so confused didn’t say a word and walked off. He is the Tommy to Martin Payne maybe he doesn’t have a job or we’ll never find out lol. Though we don’t feel he is exactly hip hop as we define the culture he has made it where he is without a label but with serious HUSTLE. It is noted that it takes serious connections to tour & pull off playing the venues he has in the last year plus. Its great Macklemore did it on his own terms as more artists should. Once you go to the labels they change, redress you and market you as cheap as possible for as long possible.

Overall these shows are popularity contest backed by ratings. The hip hop category was poorly represented it seems but maybe it wasn’t? Maybe the culture over all is being poorly presented to the public by business men who don’t understand or follow the culture they only follow the profits. The only emcee I saw was Kendrick Lamar & Juicy J unless we missed something. With the exception of Alicia (looking buff) Keys, Pink whom we missed due to Downton Abbey, the country singer with the LED boots (the fit was entertaining), and Willie Nelson who we like just because we were surprisingly let down by the show.

There is always next year right?

Until then remember “Only you can prevent wildfires”-Pharell Williams

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