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The LPMA Fashion Show was very diverse, interesting and more than we expected attendance wise. Upon arriving at Essentia 2118 Halsted we realized this was going to be one of the tightest of squeezes we have ever documented in. The purple run way from the bar to the end was packed about 8 dslrs + where in attendance and about every form of IPHONE was out ready waiting anxiously for the show to begin. We heard announced fashion show in 20 minutes, awesome time to grab a beverage. The options for the evening where vodka and soda (ugh) or white wine both not favorites but well sure why not right free is always good right? We see some of our favorite faces from Langford Market while the rest of the venue was all new faces to us (rare) as we tried to plot our position to shoot. Quite a few photographers which is good as the purple carpet was rolled to almost the end of the venue we wondered how anyone would see anything given the narrowness of the venue. The show begins, and all of the venues had some interesting Spring Wear to showcase in the event, we saw everything from running wear to maternity outfits, just our style diverse and different. The greatest part of the show were the little kiddos, its like they grew up watching Americas Top Model because they were strutting it like grown divas blowing kisses to the crowd stopping beginning, mid and end of run way each trip. All in all too adorable. One model came out with a Lhasa Apso styling an outfit, talk about feeling under dressed lol. After the event hung around and networked before heading over to fashion show number two at the Dolphin. A good time and Spring styles are shaping up to be as diverse as Chicago itself, cant wait to spice up the street fashion section of our site once the weather makes a solid decision. The only thing about the show which was insane was the ONE photographer basically standing on the run way blocking everyone’s view, come on guy smh you see him in every photo almost. A very inconsiderate gesture or maybe he just wasn’t aware, you can do your job documenting and still be courteous. See ya next time fashionistas.

Good Times LPMA & Thanks Essentia for having us.

Enjoy the Gallery? We are for hire as neatly ;)

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