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The RIV Reunion at the Riviera Theatre theater in Uptown was a legendary night of fun. We thank Pumpin Pete one of Chicago’s best DJs for thinking kindly enough of us to put us on the VIP guest-list for the evening. What a line up! Shannon, Outhere Brothers, Rob Base, Ten City (Byron Stingily), Curtis Mclain, Dajae, Pumpin Pete, Jackmaster Farley, Mike Hitman Wilson, Maurice Ice Culpepper & Wayne Williams. We stay close to the Riviera & in our 9 years living in Chicago had never been somehow. We picked the most epic night to accept an invitation in our opinion. We arrived Mid Pete’s set (sorry) and quickly it dawned on us that we where in an already crowded venue at 9:12 on a Saturday. That is how hyped everyone was for the RIV Reunion!  We made our way quickly to the front to catch some shots & video Pete tearing it down. We saw a pack of ladies jackin’ front row whipping the hair every where saying “oh shit!”. Next thing you know his set is wrapped up, really? Yeah we didn’t realize all the artist had such short slots but everyone front row was rocking out with Pumpin Pete! If the cam is shaking yes we also were dancing we tend to do such things when good music is near. The sound in the venue wasn’t magical during each set but you can hear the hits in each video clip. We are not sure who played after Pete but please let us know so we can input your name for your grooving’ set as well.  Curtis McClain came out with the hits during his set we couldn’t really see him but we heard “Move Your Body” hurting the speakers like the roof was about to come down. The energy within the Rivera was so pure and full of house & old school love. It was nice to be at a show were excuse me was the norm & everything was pretty peaceful. The ages & races varied mind you but it was still very nice to experience a genuine showcase of great music. Dajae came out singing from the heart as the shrill over the crowd was heard when she started. Quite a beautiful experience to witness such live powerful vocals. You would of had to be there to experience it truly. Ten City (Byron Stingily which was one of the best vocalist of the night in our opinion) went in with his stage performance of “Get Up Everybody” especially with bringing back “Mighty Real” by Sylvester which sent the floor in a frenzy & happens to be a song we love dancing to (the video here gives the performance no justice). When people got on stage we knew we picked the BEST night to come to the Rivera! The Outhere Brothers came out & did there thing as well with a very energetic set. However we were waiting for Shannon as she was who we wanted to see the MOST. Back when we use to bboy we use to listen to Shannon’s greatest hits on repeat that we picked up through BMG music’s buy one get 12 free deals. Who remembers that it was agessssss ago. Old School we are indeed. Shannon appears on stage after Mr. Wave ,Vincible of  Brickheadz Crew & Gp Slick  warm up the crowd with amazing dance moves. She came out with a high-kick literally and a ton of energy, just to hear her perform made our month. If you see in the videos she hasn’t lost her touch and that was beautiful, accompanied by local bboys made the whole performance SOLID. She rocked like a diva in her prime, however we just realized we have the clips for her segment out of sync to the story (shit) well you get the idea. Rob Base came out and commanded everyone to get live so then the crowd goes wild. As the stage was blinded by mobile devices it was still epic for anyone who was there to witness. We all know the song “It Takes Two” and on your drunkest night you will do some weird improvised dance to it. The night was great for our first time at the Rivera. Chicago on a daily bases can be filled with surprises and it teaches you to count the opportunities you are given. We had a blast, have classic footage of an amazing show & hope you enjoy the review. If  its one year from now &  you read this (hoping they do another) just go, don’t ask, don’t try to find a reason not to… JUST GO!. We love music & look forward to the next one.

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