The RZA in Chicago

The RZA Show at the Double Door was one for the books. Being a severe Wu-Tang fan it was a must to be in attendance because though we have seen Raekwon, Gza & Killah Priest rip a show we had to see how RZA would bring it. Upon arriving to the venue at 9:45 it was already a pretty packed house ,the first act was getting booed something severe as we where setting up our cams. We all know Chicago is not always the most loving when it comes to hip-hop but RZA got alot of love from the crowd. Though we expected more freestyles and such it was still a good show looking back.  What other performer is going to pass around grey goose, pour patron in his fans cups & pass around a blunt to the crowd after spraying them with champagne?…THE RZA  that’s who. The openers where Aerias & The Clyde Project, Fess Grandiose, & Free Ajents the primary act ahead of Aerias we have no idea whom they the place…so sorry. The pictures & video beneath will inform the remainder of the story. We are able to best think about what the Ghost Face Killah convey on Sept. seventh has in retailer…

Free Ajents:

Aerias & The Clyde Undertaking:


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