The Transition by Slot-A

Slot A The Transition

Transition is Slot-A debut album that features Neak, Sincerely Yours & Add-2. All produced, engineered & written by Slot-A
Working hard to make a name for himself, Slot-A has pinpointed himself as one of the go-to producers in Chicago. As such he’s found himself making music for names such as Add-2, Ghostwridah, Jamall Bufford (formerly known as Buff-1 of Athletic Mic League) and Amanda Diva. Along with keeping busy with production, Slot-A’s music has been featured and heard as the theme song for “Kiss and Tell”, a series on E! with Mr. Robotic.
Following the steps of favorite producers, Dr. Dre and Just Blaze, djing was the next step in Slot’s evolution. He found his niche in blending Dustys, Funk, Disco, Remixes, House, New Jackswing & Hip Hop to create high-energy sets. Putting a producer’s ears to blending records, he created his own remixes, mash-ups and beats. Understanding of music to that extent is just one of the things separating Slot-A from the pack. In 2011 he landed himself a spot as DJ for Gerald Walker, Prob Cause & Neak Undefined and cruised across the country opening up for acts like Freddie Gibbs, Bun B, Mimosa, Twista & Chip The Ripper.
His first project, The Foundation Beat Tape, features 18 minutes of instrumentals mixed, blended and produced by Slot. Having recently wrapped up a collaboration EP with Molemen Records recording artist, Scheme, titled “Life That I Chose”, Slot-A hasn’t stopped his momentum yet. On any given day you can be sure to catch him in the studio working on tracks for various artists, as well as himself. Along with constant work, he makes himself available for tours and club dates, making sure to infect as many places as possible with his high-energy sets.

 The Transition by Slot-A  credits

released 05 February 2013
Produced by Slot-A
Engineered by Slot-A
Writing Credit: Slot-A, Add-2, Neak & Sincerely Yours
Art Work by Domi of PXLMNDED
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