Thompson Chicago: Pillow Talk

Thompson Chicago: Pillow Speak

Thompson Chicago is a great hotel that accommodates in a way no other hotel has ever for us. If this is their soft opening Chicago’s Gold Coast is in for a treat!

Upon arriving from a potential TGIF happy hour attempt in the wrong direction of the hotel we arrived an hour almost before the scheduled check in. We walked by fast observing the open October 2013 verbiage outside while observing an ad near the news stand stating “the best is yet to come”. Well played we thought as product placement is everything!

It is safe to say it’s officially winter now as patrons are wrapped in warmest winter wear with faces of cold despair. As we power walked to the door with such faces we then get greeted 3 times in less than 20 feet by warm smiles. While greeted by a stylish neatly clad fellow asking us how he could help us we tried to adjust our unthawing faces to say “Pillow Talk“. However all that came out was “burrr” um oh yeah the party. His reply “Pillow Talk?” we nodded yes. They are still setting up he alerted us, please have a seat may we get you any water or anything he asked? No we replied as we started scouring the room visually it was slightly masculine in design but very warmly welcoming as the employees who had thus far greeted us. While sitting at the waiting area we had time to view some of the great artsy books the best being the Os Gemos book and the latest issue of Design Bureau. The warm fire felt great as we took time to let our faces unthaw while reading about passion & art which almost sounds an average evening at home. The center bookshelf was amazing stacked with interesting reads, Lego Hancock buildings, and some vintage decor, the most enjoyable being the large mirrors.


After waiting a little bit we get our room packet, up to 1501 we go. On a side note glad it was 1408 that movie is still trippy to us when it comes to hotels. Once we entered the room neatly folded we see a robe with a “D” on it! Great because both of our names start with D now who’s going to wear it became a short debate so we decided to go half on ownership ha-ha. The view faced north out the window (see our instagram page), the room uber cozy with artwork hanging on the wall gave it a modern creative yet earthy welcoming touch.


The bathrooms were super luminous (found a new gray hair, great) leaving nothing inside unturned. We looked around opening everything to see what the room had to offer until we hit the cooler neatly tucked away. We as a few others mistook the Fred water bottles as pints of vodka lol. While looking for a sheet for the liquor cost we call front desk just to ask.

Thompson Chicago: Hello front desk

Chicago Hustles: We are looking for the food menu and the liquor sheet.

Thompson Chicago: “I’m sorry sir that’s not liquor we don’t have our license yet,  however you can pretend its vodka if you’d like!”

Chicago Hustles: Laughing, we just might Thank you.

He then goes on to suggest going to get it for us or giving us directions where we may find vodka. Okay that’ s impressive like seriously mind blowing.

We head up to the penthouse suite on the twelfth floor starving to be greeted by the host who directed us to one of the many courteous staff offering us champagne. We are greeted with a duck and pork bruschetta type nibble with strawberry jelly that we consumed quite a few of throughout the night. The other dish we didn’t quite catch but it was meatless with a great appealing presentation also of bruschetta nature. We want to send a special thanks to the lady who kept finding us with tray two lol.


We decided to step out in the 34 degree patio facing east to grab a few shots. On the 22 floor the wind was nowhere close to playing with anyone. We felt bad for the hand masseuse because every time someone went out the door the breeze hit them first. They played it off well but it was brutally cold cues winter despair face.


As we shimmied yes shimmied ourselves back to the warmth we decided to see the rest of the venue.


In the second room DJ MATT ROAN was spinning up top spinning what seemed to be early new wave or something which provided for good background tunes as the crowd networked. While grabbing a second glass of champagne the room was instagraming a way which we kept posting the wrong hash tag (DOH) but once we got it right we realized who a lot of the other bloggers are by face. We parked for a few photo shots to take in the essence of the room just letting it all simmer.


This hotel is really really great. In talking with Todd Piety The Director of Sales & Marketing who was courteous enough to give us a bit of background on the soft launch, the amount of time the employees have been with the company and other details. We realized why this place was so refreshing which officially gave it a thumb up.


As the end time neared we decided to come back to our room to change before going to seek dinner. Upon entering the room we both look at each other like what is this. Never in all our years of hotel stays did we ever imagine coming back to milk and cookies with a note that said “sweet dreams”.


After checking the shower to make sure Santa wasn’t lurking we had to instagram & hash images. Again whoa, impressive. After going to a random bar 4 blocks away, returning both tired we talked with one of the doormen again all nice guys then came up to our room. We didn’t know what to expect so looked around like a game of clue to no new surprises. Woke up early watched the sun rise creeping over the buildings through our window looking slightly east to see some waves hitting the shore we had to take a breath to appreciate life’s little experiences.

In doing so we came to realize how amazing future stays will be for us, friends and relatives. We can say truthfully being hard service industry critics with 20 years between us (Fine Dining, Hotel Service Industry) Thompson Chicago has given us one hell of an experience, did we mention the free Wi-Fi as well in all rooms. The only flaw if at all out of this whole one day stay-cation we could find is that our cookies were a little overcooked. Well done Thompson Chicago, we applaud you for an outstanding soft opening in the Gold Coast. See you soon Cheers!


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