Throw Back Thursday: True Story One

This weeks Throw Back Thursday: True Story One is an insight into my life that got me here. When I was 21 I was semi homeless for the second time in life in St. Louis after another problem with “authority” so to speak with GF’s dad. I was working at a temp service as a trash man “assistant” for 10 months making $6 an hour living out of a hotel (Congress Inn St Louis, Mo.) never addressed by my name only ‘the temp’ which infuriated me because I felt inhuman due to my severe amount of dedication to the task/job at hand.

I woke up at 4:30 am everyday, ready for work by 5 am and got home around 3 pm if I didn’t work till 6/7 pm on a double route which paid more. I have never been lazy but at the time I was lost from myself, disconncted and enjoying said freedom in a very very weird way. After getting off work I’d go to the mall 5 minutes away to feel human-ish (Northwest Plaza) for a pick me up, often music. I with my last change (yes I skipped many meals for music) always bought music from sam goody/music land to keep my spirits high as I was too proud to ask for or accept help from ANYONE. Somehow, by the grace of the universe I befriended many peeps there actually all of them friends till this day. “Duane” you love music so much just use my discount, me “How much do I owe you?”, Nothing but a visit soon “I may need your advice”. I’d return to my hotel room so happy that the gods smiled on me I’d push or lift the bed as far as I could to the wall to have space to top rock and practice a few freezes (poetry, break-dancing/bboying and graffiti where then my only loves then) to these cd singles, yes SINGLES:

“Stand Up” by Charlie Baltimore & Ghostface

Favorite Line: “Watch your back, Ain’t Done yet” from a “Long Kiss Goodnight” a favorite holiday movie of mine.

“Rock Bottom” by Eminem”

Favorite Line:  “I deserve respect; but I work and sweat for this worthless check”

To see him through his struggles go to this…Cypher #inspirational

The Roots – The Next Movement

Favorite Line: “One hundred percent, straight out the Basement, Spreading this across a planet on some next shit, How many people feelin’ this love music?”

After meeting and conversing with Black Thought twice. I still honestly ponder his Chess Moves in 2014.

Hip Hop Culture has saved SO MANY LIVES, my experience pales in comparison to the stories I’ve heard over the years but this one is MINE. Looking back right now I subconciously needed to “Stand Up”, Before hitting “Rock Bottom” to enjoy “The Next Movement”…

 I put my energy into my passion 15 years ago and well you see the results which saved my life in my darkest moments.

Moral of the story, embrace, believe and LOVE yourself. The rest falls into place because “Passion IS Everything!”

Written by Durte
Chicago Hustles

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