Throw Back Thursdays: No Regrets

Throw Back Thursdays: No Regrets. Today we are highlighting No Regrets by Aesop Rock a gem…to any & all artist.

I’ll never forget this song when I heard it. This was long before Rhymesayers became the dynasty of talent it is today. I asked a mysterious best friend of mine who is an amazing artist to boot haha to just hit me with a random CD. It was filled with Aesop Rock, Jean Grae and some Mr. Lif I believe. When I heard the song it hit so close to home as I was in a weird place in life largely trying to process what is life then. I use to watch I love Lucy with my mom as a kid so when I heard the main characters name was “Lucy” my ears honed into the lyrics. When you listen to the first verse you see who she is, unengaged, weird, kinda awkward but occupied with her PASSION. She was so busy in her present moment enjoying her passion nothing was interesting to her.

‘And she stopped-
“Lucy, after all this, you’re just giving in today??”
She said: “I’m not giving in, I’m finished,” and walked away”

The second verse finds Lucy still different than the others while the world is trying to understand her but probably never will though she is content with that. She is found aged, knowing her self so she worries about on that which shes chooses. When people are routine beings an artist vision is always odd to them but they are eventually drawn in by curiosity of the artist life. Some people have dreams, others have goals both are destinations yet one takes a more tedious diligent route. Lucy was about HER life.

“…Lucy knew what people thought but didn’t care,
Cuz while they spread their rumors through the street
She’d paint another masterpiece”

The third verse we find Lucy aged, alone but at a point of accomplishment many will never know. She took her hearts desire & passion to the max. This will alienate your friends, lose new ones along the way people will call you everything but normal because they are not like you. The average artist has a vision that isn’t connected with the routines of the worlds normal function. That makes us wierd, different, odd insert whatever adverb. But Lucy LIVED as so many people fail to do in the present.

“Look, I’ve never had a dream in my life,
Because a dream is what you wanna do, but still haven’t pursued
I knew what I wanted and did it till it was done,
So I’ve been the dream that I wanted to be since day one!”

The outro of the song is the strongest of most I’ve ever heard in Hip Hop story telling only because it lets the listener know I LIVED, I PURSUED MY PASSION, & I WAS MY SELF FROM DAY ONE. So I’m going to pass away now with NO REGRETS.

That shit is beautiful, we all know a LUCY. This is a classic for a few life times to come for us creative types. Be yourself, pursue your passion and LIVE the life you CHOSE to create.


“I’d rather live it. Cuz dreamers always chase. But never get it”

If you aren’t hip to Aesop Rock the full album this song was on is here. Prepare yourself for unorthodox bars and mental tingling lyrics…enjoy. Use to bump this to Scribble Jam(s)

Passion is Everything. Take notes.

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