TRELL LOVE : Rap or Go to School

Chicago Hustles has a few words with TRELL LOVE about his new video, music & hustle.

Chicago Hustles:Where did the name TRELL aka TRELL LOVE originate from and how long have you been involved in music?
My real name is Shantrell Love, my homies call me “Trell” & girls always call me “Love”, so I just put them together. I have been seriously involved in music for a year but I have been playing around with it since freshman
year of high school.
Chicago Hustles:We watched your video “HOLD YOU DOWN featuring Mike Golden”.  Explain the concept of the video and the message behind the song.
The concept of the video is to show what the music business entails once you decide to get serious about life & music. When you finally say “this is what I want to do with my life” you have to find a way to make it work, make money & hold it down for those that are important to you, whether it’s your family, friends or your city.
Chicago Hustles:The intro lyric says “I’m that needle in a haystack, diamond in a rough”. Do you feel it’s harder to get exposure, fans and opportunities in a city like Chicago?
Chicago has always been a tough city and I believe if you can make it in Chicago, you can make it anywhere because as an artist, I
have to work 10x’s harder in Chicago to gain fans, exposure & opportunities. I respect the music scene here though because it makes you more creative & drives you to obtain the things that you want.
Chicago Hustles:Later you said “I got clowns trying to dis me from some years ago, but over all these screaming fans I don’t hear em though.” There will always be haters in any profession so how do you keep yourself
focused when such behavior is thrown in your direction.
I was always taught that whether it’s positive or negative energy, you can always make it work for you, rather than against you. That line quoted, is a way of me making the hate work for me. I turned it into a rhyme in a dope song. In this game, everybody’s a critic so I learned to not even pay attention to most negative things thrown my way.
Chicago Hustles:Your last line in the song was “I’m in Chicago with a Cali state of mind, to get a picture man, them girls wait in line, you can let em through because we ’bout to act a fool, but she gotta have class, I’m Mr rap or go to school.”
You named your mixtape Rap Or Go To School, how important do you feel education is in the music business as an artist. Is there a back story behind the title/concept?
Being educated is important with anything you do in life. Education doesn’t always mean taking the school route. Being educated means being knowledgeable about the things that you pursue in life. You don’t need school to do that all the time. Music is like that. You don’t need a degree to do music but you do need some kind of musical talent & knowledge to be able to do it. One thing you need to be educated about to do music is the business side of it because if not, you’ll hang yourself. My story is different. I was blessed with athletic ability to be able to go as far as playing college basketball & it paid for me to go to college. Nobody in my family on either side went to college before me so I promised my father & myself that I would be the first one to finish, so I did it. There were
times when I wanted to drop out & quit but if I quit school, then that would have shown that I would quit anything in life if it got too hard, so I stuck with it. People always told me that I should just rap & quit school or vice versa, so I always questioned whether I should Rap Or Go To School. That’s where the title came from. It was on my mind heavy, so I found myself writing about those experiences a lot. Almost a year later, BANG, I gotta whole mixtape talking about my music, college & life experience.
Chicago Hustles: I listened to your mixtape which is currently at 2,424 downloads on Why did you choose “Hold you down” as the lead single for the video? What was it like working with Mike Golden for this song?*
I chose Hold You Down because it was totally different from the songs you usually hear as a first single. I wanted to create my own lane instead of coming with a cliché single that sounds like everything else. It became some of my fans favorite track on ROGTS (Rap Or Go To School) after the video dropped so that was dope. Working with Mike Golden was super dope because we actually had the opportunity to get in the studio together & make the record. Nowadays most features happen through email & that wasn’t the case. Besides rap, rock is my favorite genre of music & Mike Golden gotta crazy voice. It was perfect for that record.
In your mixtape on the “Refusal” you said “I have so much weight on my
chest I might suffocate, I dropped some music and I thought they would love
it …wait, these n***gas took my shit another way, never knew the game I
love would have so much fuckin hate; and we from the same f*ckin place,
then I got random people saying I’m becoming great”
Chicago Hustles: A lot of musicians seem to never be heroes in their home town, for upcoming artist who may
read this, what wisdom could you give them?*
I would tell them that music stretches beyond your town, your city, & your state. Of course you want your city to love you but that might not be the case right off the bat. Mac Miller said that he could go any other place in
America & sell out a concert but in his hometown he couldn’t. Once his hometown saw that the rest of the world loved him, that’s when Pittsburgh started to love him. Don’t take it personally. Don’t quit just because your
city isn’t behind you from the jump.
Chicago Hustles:When is the next mixtape, or album dropping from TRELL LOVE? What can we
expect from TRELL LOVE in 2012?
I’m working on my next project already. I gotta few tracks for it already & it sounds amazing! I got new producers I’m working with that are from Chicago. So 2012, will definitely bring a new project, hopefully around late spring. I been doing way more shows & traveling out of state doing shows too. You can expect my brand to grow at a faster pace this year & alot of hard work from me. Also, some features with some other up & coming Chicago artists.
Chicago Hustles:When & where can Chicagoans who are digging “Hold You Down” see your next
January 16th I perform at Reggie’s Rock Club, January 22nd is the Red Line
Tap show, & January 28th I perform at the Eastern Illinois
University Fashion Show opening up for John Blu.
Chicago Hustles: As an emerging artist in the city of CHICAGO how do you define the term HUSTLE?*
“I define hustle as doing the things necessary to make your dream come true. Turning a NO into a YES. If you work hard & stay persistent, its only a matter of time before people start to accept you.”-Trell Love would like to thank TRELL LOVE for taking time out to speak with us. Go download his mixtape “Rap or Go To School” now.

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