Tres Awesome 3 year Anniversary







Tres Awesome 3 year Anniversary Party was pretty stellar!  It was a pleasure meeting the owner of  Tres Awesome Emma Arnold  &  her now fiance Scott Drasler owner of  @PARTYLINECHI who is quite the entertaining conversationalist. Never been flashed with a ring by a stranger before, at first we where like you shouldn’t have lol. The R & M Champagne Lounge is becoming quite the hot spot and this is a good thing for small events. This time around we were able to enjoy the patio which was oh so nice. As usual we ran into a few of our colleagues and then the night went from what to expect to an epic #Chicago Hustles night of networking. We ran into the ever so hysterical Sasha Hodges of Kokorokoko your favorite vintage boutique RIGHT? RIGHT?! Also ran into a face we hadn’t seen in a white Mr make your event go smoothly Brandon Hammer & met a new friend as well. We witnessed a proposal & business plug all in the same 3 minutes these two are GOOD! As you can see in the video we didn’t know whether to get a shot of Emma’s ring or start re-tweeting Scott lol. All jokes a side it was a great event & somehow we ended up with a bottle of Champagne celebrating a friends family member not having Cancer. Talk about a night R & M Champagne thanks for having us, Tres Awesome thanks for having us as smartly & congrats to your idea.  Unique props to the beautiful woman relatively wrestling with the quantity three balloon. “You k we requested?” She says the 2 quantity three balloons appeared like a 33 so she used to be setting apart them. That is what chums are for! We’re happy to be a part of your community , unless subsequent, keep passionate & go hustle.

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