Trinity: Chicago Summers

Chicago Summers by Trinity

Chicago Hustles Magazine was captivated by the lyricism from Chicago Emcee Trinity song “Chicago Summers”. Trinity has laced us with an interview & the remix discussing Chicago Summers, Lyrics and Violence in the city.

Chicago Summer By: Trinity featuring Griffin

Trinity thanks for taking time out to speak with Chicago hustles magazine. The first time we heard Chicago summers was at the monthly all female hip hop night I STILL love her.
Tell the readers what inspired you early as an emcee as well as the lyrics of “Chicago Summers”.

Trinity: First, shout out to my boy Griffen for his dope and insightful verse featured on the track. I wrote ‘Chicago Summer’ last year in 2011. I was inspired to write the song after experiencing the mourning of my friends and family due to the lost their loved ones over gun violence in our city. As a resident of Chicago, the summer of 2011 just felt like a scary place to be. I especially felt that way after I attended a BBQ last summer in which gunfire broke out.  That is one of my scariest moments in recent memory. It dawned on me that I could’ve died for no reason. (Unfortunately someone actually died at that annual BBQ this year in 2012.) I wrote the song shortly after that incident in 2011 to vent my frustration and express my emotion. I honestly don’t write my music to be an activist. I write about my life and my surroundings. When I wrote this song I just wanted to give the people of Chicago something to identify with. Hopefully people do listen to it and are reminded of the pain associated with the violence. The reminder of that feeling may encourage others to take their own action against the violence. ‘Chicago Summer’ is a track from my album ‘The City is Ours’ and I feel like it’s a great snap shot of what our city is like at this moment in time. Music is a time capsule.
This song seems to be such a true ode to what the summers are REALLY like. Lets get deep into the lyrics.


We die by the nights/
That we live for/
Wait a year for/
Harsh winters is our typical scenes/

Trinity: This is the opening line of ‘Chicago Summer’. From the beginning of the song I wanted to remind people that the summer season in Chicago is highly anticipated. Majority of our year is cold weather and we look forward to the summer. We should value our summers here in Chicago because they are so short.
What did you mean exactly that we die by the nights that we live for? That’s a very interesting opening line to a song about Chicago summers.

Trinity: Unfortunately the summer season in Chicago can be the gift and the curse because that’s when our cities violence is at its peak. Chicago residents know we can’t wait until summer arrives! But that anticipation is usually drowned by fear or death.


But as soon as the weather steam/
And unforgivable scenes/
The lake is the great escape/
Skyline bright/
You could see it from another state/
But the belly of the city holds your fate/

This summer there has been a few articles comparing Chicago’s death toll to be higher than that in Afghanistan. What do you feel about the city that brings about such violence during the summer vs the harsh winter? One would think it would be the other way around.

Trinity:  I feel that the summer gives our city a sense of freedom. The winters here are cold and draining. We all know that the summer won’t last for long so we all plan to get the most out of it that we possibly can. Not only does that mean the most fun but from a street the perspective its hustle season. I grew up on the Westside of Chicago and I can honestly say majority of the violence in my neighborhood was as a result of drugs. It’s less violence in the winter because the streets are quieter due to the climate.

Anger to Evil/
At an incredible rate/
The winds feels good as it blows/
But listen close/
Hear the whispers of the lost souls/
The rain washes out our pain/
We anticipate the cold/
Cuz we only want change/

In our neighborhood a young boy was shot in the face at 13 yrs old at 2 something in the morning by an older gang member. How does it make you feel to know that in such a great city which is known for its awesome summers that such violence is lurking around every corner at any time? In your opinion what could or would change scenes like this in the communities given the history of corruption from politics down to the gangs of the city?

Trinity:  I hate to see children victims of violence, it makes more angry than sad. I feel like the only way to prevent the violence in the city is for our communities to care. And not just care in the political sense but show genuine concern for one another.  We need to raise our kids as a community and show each other how to love. We live in an age of little concern for life. We come up with phrases like YOLO as an excuse to live dangerous and reckless.  If we as people built our foundations on Love than we would be able to empathize more with each other’s pain. We as (black) people tend to promote a whatever goes mentality to succeed it in life. We advocate misusing one another or killing one another as we climb to the top.

I do feel like our city has a very corrupt political structure and the mob ties are the roots to our gang violence. Poor politics are hard to overturn in a short time frame. The only option we have to change our politics are to elect representatives who themselves love people and our city and exude that. I remember Jessie Jacksons Rainbow Coalition from my childhood. I thought that the Coalition movement was incredible. It felt like we had someone to call on to positively help us fight injustice. I don’t feel like we have an organization like that anymore and that void can make for hopelessness which yields violence. When it comes to Chicago politics I do feel like there are still leaders but they lack the power that they once had. We need that to come back, we need representation.


Home of the dirty politics/
Love for Barrack/
Teflon Blag (Blagojevich)/
And the killings don’t stop/
The news only cares about who holds positions/
Gone are the days of the Rainbow Coalitions/
Community Missions/

Since the rise of social media more and more average citizens focus on celebrities, politicians and reality TV vs community, the errors in the system and the communities. We where there when Barrack was sworn in and felt that literally CHANGE was coming. He was a very passionate speaker then, much like am emcee is. How important do you feel the role of the emcee is in uplifting the youth to avoid future violence in the city? What more could Barrack do for the city of Chicago in your opinion?

Trinity: I feel like society puts too much pressure on public figures to be advocates. I’m an artist not an advocate. I don’t feel any direct responsibility to speak for my race or community. If I choose to advocate for something positive, that I believe in, than great but I feel no responsibility.  Uplifting our youth starts in the core of our community. I feel like being the voice of our people is for those who put themselves in that position like politicians, teachers, pastors, counselors etc. Artists and athletes get to much pressure to do so when we’re just a group of expressionists with a large audience.

I love Barrack. I love his passion. He’s someone who put himself in the position to speak for our people and his Love shows. I feel the only thing that he should do for Chicago is more public speaking here in the city. His words motivate and deteriorate that feeling of hopelessness because he’s taken on the responsibility to represents us (black people).


Now your favorite pastor/
Probably caught a sentence/
Economy on the low/
Deaths on the rise/
The ones that die/
The innocent by’s/

In once strong communities across the states you see church, liquor store, and abandoned buildings in that order. This seems like more than just a coincidence on so many levels. The church in many communities seems to be the only thing doing good, do you feel religion is also like a corporation subject to corruption?

Trinity: I do feel like religion is subject to corruption.  That’s why our people must start appointing or electing leaders who are driven by love. We as people choose our pastors and political officials. A lot of the time we appoint them based on reputation or perceived experience. That type of election process has left our communities as you see them.  We need to change who we let lead us.

Learn to be Street Wise/
Seen a baby shot/
And the triggerman flawless/
CPD faultless/
My city lawless/

It seems being street wise these days is as important if not more than a college education as there is so much more the streets teach you. How do you personally feel about the CPD and the things they may or may not be held accountable for though us citizens pay for their “protection”. How do you feel the city is lawless in 2012?

Trinity: Chicago is lawless because the CDP is corrupt! Lol. But seriously when I grew up on the Westside I seen some of thee most corrupt officers ever.  These officers just had no love for the people and would steal money and drugs from the people on the streets. I feel like sometimes the violence in our communities is overlooked because we appoint officers who want a check and do not want to speak for our community. However, the role of an officer is to represent as well as protect the community in which they work. Because the officers have devalued their respect by stealing drugs and money it’s like we have no law in Chicago. If we call the police we’re calling a perpetrator of the violence to stop the violence.


I love where I’m from/
Hate where we going/
We got a lot more than we out here showing/
I know where your anger stems/
I feel it too/
I want a better life/
Just like you…

This songs hits on so many key points of the Chicago Summers many do not experience, witness or understand. You said “Hate where we going”, where do you see the future of Chicago in 5 years let alone yourself?

Trinity:  In 5 years I hope to be a professional artist. I just want to continue to write about my life experiences and hope that they do move people. Not necessarily a move to action but I want my music to motivate thought.

In 5 years I see Chicago in a less violent state. The killings are affecting our family members and loved ones and the deaths continue to grow.  The impact of the pain is being felt by our citizens and I think its evoking change. The only way to overcome the pain is with love and I feel that Chicago is now starting to realize that.
As a female emcee with a gift for thought-provoking lyricism what is your definition of Hustle as an emcee in Chicago.

“To me to hustle is get everything that  you want out of life. I live to be an artist so I hustle my life.”- Trinity would like to thank Trinity for taking time out to speak with us.

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