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Flynt Flossy

Flynt Flossy

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Turquoise Jeep

Turquoise Jeep

Turquoise Jeep Lincoln Hall

Turquoise Jeep at Lincoln Hall has to have been one of the livest shows we have ever been to. These dudes are like Chappelle show & In Living Color rolled up into one performance. We thank Turquoise Jeep for taking care of us under such short notice and allowing us to come out and witness the magic they make happen with their stage performance. We hadn’t heard of them at all until around 4:45 yesterday which is our bad but are we ever so glad we now KNOW about them. A friend dropped a you must go see them on Facebook so after watching “Treat me like a Pirate” & “Fried or Fertilized” we decided to see if we could still get access to the show as it was told to us it was a line around the block when they came to Portland. Skipping dinner we darted out the door to arrive at Lincoln Hall to no line so we didn’t know what to expect as our first time seeing them. We enter grab a drink and make our way to the front which still had room after one of the opening acts, Be Water who’s set we missed entirely (sorry). The front row started filling up and we met some of the coolest peeps from Indiana who drove three hours for the show yet welcomed Chicago Hustles front row to document. We were shocked but also felt very welcomed by the new associates we became acquainted with on the love. Shout outs to Mercedes Massey, Andy Morris, and Kaiser Ahmad who with us held it down front & center. DK was the local act we saw in full before the headliners, for a trio of kids from Depaul these dudes snapped ever so hard. The MC “DK” his DJ “@djBenStep” & His drummer had the crowd rocking so hard and responding to his lyricism as he passionately moved the crowd with his lyrical talents. We heard people saying around us “Wow these guys are really good” as they waved their hands high to the energetic stage performance. Then we hit the dead air…no one performing for at least 15 mins a little odd in 2013 if you ask us (why kill the vibe) but what was to come clearly made up for it. Turquoise Jeep hits the stage the crowd goes ape shit as Pretty Raheem & Moon Rock hit the stage to warm up the crowd. After a few hype tracks out comes the dance extraordinaire Flynt Flossy the crowds energy goes from 7-13 in level at this point. The true personality of the group it seems he commands the crowd in a very energetic Flavor Flav kind of way and to think he’s one of the CEOs! They rocked a few solid tracks and out comes Yung Humma hands go up the ladies send a slight shrill through the crowd as if he is the equivalent to Prince himself. That’s when we knew shit got real, yeah we said “shit”. We are an indie mag we do what we want! In the same manner so does Turquoise Jeep who had the whole crowd at Lincoln Hall in the palm of their hand when all united on stage going through their favorite song selections. We will let the video tell the rest but these guys put on probably the freshest show performance* we have seen thus far this year. It’s all about having fun meaning you don’t need weed smoke or grey goose passed around to make it hype; just your energy, personality and slick dance moves alone is enough which is what Turquoise Jeep proved to last nights 18+ crowd. The whole venue it seemed lined up to meet them which shows your loyalty to the fans as well as their loyalty to you is genuine. We tried to bypass the line to introduce but security wasn’t having it so we had to exit gracefully. A solid show gents, thanks for getting back to us and allowing us to be apart of your show silently at Lincoln Hall.

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