Vertical Gallery: Deck The Halls Preview





The Vertical Gallery: Deck The Halls Preview was such a good time. It was rather refreshing to not be slammed into hundreds of other patrons to just digest the artwork, time and thought put into each piece. We met the owner Patrick & Priya Shah of two amazing individuals that made the night extra pleasant. We also ran into some of our new family from the Gallery Bar who made the night perfect. We saw via social media the opening had 600 people come through WOW! That is an amazing win for street art, artist & Vertical Gallery probably the most new youngsters on the block. The exhibit runs except December twenty first so if you have not been please go. It can be virtually procuring season so make sure you deck your halls with some wonderful Chicago art work.

Featured Artist:

Stormie Mills, Jim Houser, Cope 2, Greg Gossel, Ben Frost, My Canine Sighs, Philip Lumbang, Denial, Simon WG Butler, Jason Bryant, Max Kauffman, Dave Pressler, Good One, Lucx, Furnish William Thye, Jourdon Gullett, Mike Ruta, Jimmy Bunnyluv, Steve Seeley, Forsaken, Sentrock, Julie Murphy, Erik Lundquist, Adam DeVarney, Helena Ecija Martinez, JC Rivera, Tmoney, Marcelo Eli, Czr Prz, Robert Donis (Bad Child), E LEE, Jake Castro, Dusty Rabjohn, !CHONGO!, Nate Otto, Juan Chavez, Nicholaus Jamieson, Paul Stacey, Adam Lundquist, Nick Fury, Charlie Megna, yoki, Priya Shah, Saro, Courtney Howell, Dont Worry, Revise, David Soukup, Uriel Correa, Yams, Ben Giska, and Peter Kepha.

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