Vevo #LiftLIVE Chicago Concert


The Vevo #LiftLIVE Chicago Concert starring Disclosure, Sam Smith, Phantogram & Kiesza who performed at Chicago’s very own Vic Theatre was a great experience that we were asked to be a part of as McDonald influencers. Yes Vevo & McDonald’s wanted us to be there to help show Chicago the latest in new musical talent from the UK & New York City. It was an honor to say the least so let us describe to you the event we hope you didn’t miss.

The day was a busy one at the office so when Madison delivered the swag/gift bags we were most delighted as the perks all came from Vevo, McDonald’s & Uber. When the Uber driver came to pick us up we were a bit confused on how the Uber process actually worked due to lack of time to do research. As the driver quickly got us to the Vic Theater with the AC blasting in our favor (Thank You) we went to tip him when he kindly explained to us it wasn’t necessary. What? This is awesome how UBER works (expect more stories involving UBER in the future). As we hopped out of the Nissan Altima we saw a line around the block from the Vic which was separated by an Alley with many local Chicagoans eating in line some with their pregame beers in hand 45 minutes before the show. Whoa! this is bigger than we thought but then again it was a sold out show.




As we entered to meet our contact for the meet & greet with Phantogram upstairs we were given wrist bands that lit up & synced to the music (so we were told) wow this is hi tech. We were under the impression that the meet & greet would be with all of the bands but in this case it was just with Phantogram who was extremely down to earth & nice people over all.




As we spoke with the bartenders after snapping pictures with Phantogram they told us the venue was to be at 1400 people with 700 being VIP somehow and the rest of the show sold out IN SECONDS, literally. As I was listening to these astonishing facts I realized I could not get a signal for the life of me to tweet my photos from my Lumia 1020. It was painful actually as it took me 22 minutes to make one tweet & instagram…technology right? *Kanye Shrug* As the meet & greet came to a close and we made our way down to the main floor that line we saw outside was starting to pile in quickly coming through the front & an alley entrance simultaneously.

As the venue quickly began to fill the VIP area (though oddly placed) seemed to cause quite the confusion. The VIP area was in the middle of the bottom floor but we expected it to be closer for the bloggers/ taste makers to get the best shots of Disclosure, Sam Smith, Phantogram & Kiesza for social media sake. This was definitely not the case but that’s probably just us thinking like event photographers. Oh well we will make the best of it or so we thought before being confronted multiple times within minutes for having a DSLR which lead us to the front of the venue which felt like the eye of a tornado (inserts hard wind sound lol). As Chicago Hustles waited for the right person to speak to we were told dslr’s were only allowed in a very odd photo zone also with no flash, also which required a photo/crew pass which we never received because the person explaining it simply just “walked off mid conversation”. As we heard the staff saying we don’t have enough people/security as people tried to sneak through doors, side doors, brush by security etc it was indeed the eye before a wonderful storm of musical performances. Now confused, we decided at the glares of security to rely solely on the Lumia 1020 from about 300 ft. from stage. It was frustrating at first but being a creative you learn to make the best of what you have for the better so we opted for just that. As people kept trying to enter the VIP area thus being told to go around to the front we should of just went “up front” for the best view but we wanted to be in the area designated for us per se’ with the other taste makers. In our opinion we figured you’d want those of social importance front row not mid theatre behind the 18+ crowd but we adjusted no less.




Once the lights official dimmed and Kiesza went on for all of 5 songs if we are correct the crowd was very excited & quite engaged during her set. She said she loves Chicago & the crowd whistled & screamed for about 2 minutes straight. We felt her set was too short but it was delightful no less. As Phantogram came on the light show went from solo act to group. They played for a good time length rocking the crowd and bringing a dynamic energy to the venue. We were waiting on one of the servers to return with the time play list order which we never knew because we knew we had to dip out early due to a road trip out of state.




After Phantogram energized the crowd it was a pause for reset up of the stage which made us want to seek another vantage point for photos so we went upstairs right before Sam Smith went on. We had no idea of Sam Smiths impact until he went on stage with an amazing light show entrance. Upon entry not only did the whole balcony stand-up but the crowd swayed arm to arm singing the word of his intro song to which we had no clue honestly? However you knew by the deafening ROAR after his first song for minutes this was who a lot of people came for, literally.



As we captured photos from the balcony until it was our time to go we enjoyed Sam Smiths performance with virgin ears, a GREAT performer for sure. We were most stoked about Disclosure however time was against us. Upon exit us being photo booth enthusiasts made our way to “The Bosco” photo booth which was un manned earlier but now in full effect with patrons from the Vic Chicago getting in with drinks in hand having a blast. After speaking with one of the founders/owners we had a few laughs, shared a few horror photo booth stories then exchanged cards before we had to go. Though we had to exit early we followed the hashtag & @McDonalds twitter (thanks for the rt’s) post closely from the moment Uber picked us up to the moment we fell asleep, literally.

The experience was awesome over all but here is why most importantly.

One: McDonald’s entrusted us, Chicago Hustles Magazine an INDIE MAG to represent them via our website, social media channels & as an entity in Chicago.

Two: McDonald’s & Vevo hooked us up with some rather great perks/goods to prepare us for the event, Uber we love you.

Three: McDonald’s made us feel special with the RT’s to there Million plus twitter network on top of directly engaging &following us via social media during the concert.

Four: the circumstances pushed us as creatives to make the most of the devices we had on hand outside of DSLRS. (Lumia 1020, Lumia Icon)(thank you Microsoft) that evening.

Five: the Bartenders/Cocktail Waitresses at the VIC rock, paper & scissors. (Thanks Cara & Sara)(Thank you gents on upper level this night)

Six: We used the Lumia 1020 to its max potential this night from video to images as we were 300 ft. from the crowded stage trying to shoot over other phones/devices in the air.

Seven: the performances so solid, nuff said.

This post was created in partnership with McDonald’s. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Our Disclaimer (though you already know):

We give it to you honest, we tell you as we saw it but even more so we are genuine with our opinions. The Vic held it down being under staffed at the door (dedication), The Bosco went back to Michigan to get a part of their photo-booth (dedication), Phantogram took time to meet fans & bloggers alike (dedication), Vevo & McDonalds took care of everyone involved well which also required dedication. In short “I’m Lovin it”.




Until next time enjoy, share & RT our post!

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