Vocalo Quest for the Best

Vocalo Quest For The Best

Vocalo Quest For The Best

Vocalo Quest For The Best

Chicago Hustles Journal felt Vocalo’s Quest for the Very best 2012 was once hype, in the event you overlooked out experience, in case you the place there relive it.

Pumpin Pete doing work ahead of the comp.

Ambideckstriks (contact if spelling is fallacious) had that combat showmanship.

DJ Cab used to be rocking the group on the business/rap tip.

John Simmons Killed it with a straight face together with his musical choice. Will probably be touring an evening/set of his quickly.

Intel put it down with essentially the most various set of sounds.

Chicago Hustles Journal┬ánoticed alot of acquainted however lengthy for the reason that considered faces so all in all a good time. We needed to dip early sooner than we noticed the 2nd 1/2 of contestants. Shout to Bangles & Shred One on the win. Notes to self do not dance whereas recording…