Want To Be Featured on Chicago Hustles?


Want To Be Featured on Chicago Hustles?

We enjoy sharing the goodness of Chicago which should be the first city though its considered the second which well we wont comment on. However being second reduces the pressure to be the first to some degree so it allows for one to learn from the mistakes of the first (again we wont comment). It BURNS us to see so many cities mentioned in articles as creative above CHICAGO yet we rank first in music though they only highlight the violence versus the other good creative aspects of the city. Its disheartening to say the least but its also part of what fuels our passion to bring the BEST Chicago has to offer to the forefront.

This post is about submissions to the magazine in particular so lets get started shall we.

We have fortune 500 companies, top brands & the most prolific music labels/PR firms asking us to feature “their artist”, “their company” or “their brand” often. Though we have a concept in the works to support such growth in our network we turn down these ops as creative purist to feature the BEST CHICAGO HAS TO OFFER. This website is for Chicago creative entrepreneurs or those coming through Chicago ONLY.

If you are the best the city has to offer we ask very few things from you when submitting.


Be proud of who you are as an artist/brand by making sure you look good in all imagery/artwork. We prefer 3-5 Quality Images 750 pixels wide for submissions. (send as attaChicago Hustlesents) We like to maintain the best image quality possible on Chicago Hustles this also applies for album artwork and flyers as well.


We accept mp3’s/soundcloud/revernation/bandcamp links but please test your tracks or links before sending to us to assure they will play. This applies to your YouTube videos as well. All too often we are sent dead links causing us to hunt down the content when we don’t really have the time. A quick double check works wonders.


Please make sure your BIO is edited & proof read in case we decide to feature you as the creative of the day. Many times people check for this category to see who is up & coming in Chicago. Keep this in mind when submitting yourself or your brand.


If you are to submit an event to Chicago Hustles please make sure its at least a week out. We hate being tossed an event the day of to mega push for certain parties. We are not your promoters but a tool to help spread the word of the goodness of the city so please keep that in mind when submitting events. Help us help you.

Chicago Hustles magazine is run by creative entrepreneurs. We are here to help when its done professionally & properly. September is here with FALL on its heals so we look forward to your submissions, support & professionalism.

Passion is Everything, #hustleharder
Chicago Hustles

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