WAT-AAH! Taking Back the Streets: Review




We were contacted on the fly by the heads in charge over at WAT-AAH! to come out as well as share with our readers the good news about the Chicago Exhibit! Taking Back the Streets art campaign and #WATAAHWALL series will continue to move across the country with additional stops in New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, and more. This exhibit with art work by POSE, Hebru Brantley, Kenny Scharf, Shepard Fairey, Swoon, Lady Aiko, Eric Haze, Icy & Sot, Maya Hayuk among others was a delight to see as hip hop culture, THE TRUE CULTURE is forever changing the way we interact with each other in the urban & now semi-cultured corporate world. In short it was great for WAT-AAH! to reach out to us to help spread the word.


Upon entering Moonlight Studios we expected the art gallery to be set up where they initially had the Red Bull Curator event a couple of months back but this wasn’t the case. They set up the exhibit in the other area of the gallery in a more fine arts type set up which had the security (mostly female) all posted up looking with great detail to assure not one bottle was touched, moved or broken. It was wierd seeing all female security for the event but no less these ladies held it DOWN! We arrived FIRST in line for media and even over heard some conversation from the teams night out before ha ha. We expected a long line but on this Friday at 7 pm we where the first in line ready to capture the event. As we walked in greeted by the statue from @therealchistophe which welcomed you with such a moving aggression it definately made it easy for the excitement yet to come.


We where told about the mural POSE painted at Lake & Racine long before the show with the help from 5 students from the Design Apprenticeship Program (DAP) but we have yet to have the time to make over to get the official shot. The Design Apprenticeship Program (DAP) is a design-based mentorship and skills building initiative that encourages teens and young adults to invest in the improvement of the physical and social conditions of their community. Who better a mentor to have than POSE if even for a day?


As we strolled in greeted by the nice staff offering Champagne we had to wonder slightly as we accepted why do art shows always offer drinks before one gets to digest the artwork mentally? As we walked around with our LUMIA devices taking camera photos first for our Instagram we loved the artwork on each & EVERY BOTTLE. As other media walked around doing interviews we silently captured photos of all the work before the crowd arrived. WAT-AAH! X MoonLight Studios definitely a great combo in how the show was well displayed allowing the attendees to take great photos while also giving the artwork room to breathe which not all shows allow in many ways.


As the food made its rounds we tasted the empanada, devoured the shrimp each time though it was scarce and enjoyed the DJ on his laptop (that was sarcasm). However as artist/creatives enjoying art the WAT-AAH! Taking Back the Streets Traveling Art Campaign was a great display of work by so many talented individuals with @incarceratedjerkfaces being our favorite piece of the night. (props). Enjoy the gallery, follow us on twitter & instagram and make sure to support your local artist ESPECIALLY when they are able to do great wonders within the community with a major sponsor.

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