WBEZ 5th Annual Winter Hip-Hop Block Party

Vocalo Louis

Bboy battle chicago

Omega, Shon Roka and Evol

Roldare & Hollywood Holt

Roldare Nation

Hip Hop vendors at the metro

“Hip-hop has long brought people together who’ve fought for social justice. Celebrate its present and future during the day with film, music videos, B-boy/B-girl dance battle, a poetry/storytelling slam, Vocalo’s DJ Collective and a Hip-Hop Marketplace.”

WBEZ 5th Annual Winter Hip-Hop Block Party did just this with a very nice turn out with lots of positive energy. We got a late start and missed some of our favorite Vocalo djs whom we never get tired of and walked in right in the middle of the bboy semi finals with bangin sounds from none other then Pumpin’ Pete. We made our way to the front to catch some front side footage of the last three bboy battles being put on by Roldare Nation. (Props to Bboy WAKA on the win) To say the least alot of style was being thrown on that floor was pretty hype you can see it in the videos (coming soon). We never made it to the top floor because we saw so many of our creative friends we haven’t seen in forever which added even more energy to the events taking place. We have been wanting to make it out to the Grown Folks Stories™ Series and finally had a chance to witness some of the stories of local Chicagoans had to share. Though some stories where a bit random and others a little racist* we did manage to enjoy it from a creative aspect over all. Make sure to join The Silverroom for the next Grown Folks Stories™ coming up in Feb which we hope to be attending. The vendors on the bottom floor brought out there best to sale and a special shout out to all of those who supported these local brands. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did much love to Vocalo’s DJ Collective, GoWhere HipHop, City of Win, Iddy Id Designs, Vintage Boss and others!

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