What Happened to Creative Respect & Dignity?

What Happened to Creative Respect & Dignity? Chicago wants to know, NOW!




This is just something I wanted to touch on as it’s very personal to me/us as a creative entrepreneur & artist. What is OUR definition of a Creative Entrepreneur? A person who is highly creative with their talents but equally as savvy on the business side of things. Chicago Hustles was created to connect these two as they are not often easily achieved but very possible. This rant is about the usage of photography without credit & how most of us visual artist (photographers, video, illustrators etc.) end up in the trap of shark hungry uncreative types like the “media” looking to use and abuse our talents without compensation or at minimum a backlink/credit.

Where to begin? Let’s start with Social Media (pay attention to the privacy & terms) We as creatives’ often want to be seen quickly in this day & age for sake of whatever your social media strategy is, RIGHT? Well let’s look closer at what this causes initially when the ts are not crossed nor the I’s dotted. (Aka watermarking)

Example One: (This recently happened on our IG FEED): A creative photographer in Chicago  just enjoying Paddy’s with her well trained CREATIVE eye via Instagram’ed  a photo. The NEWS uses it but doesn’t credit her until later  then on top of that about 7-8 other Instagrammers regram/post it without her creditted anywhere as their own! The NERVE! What do you do fight this major media outlet, or sue every individual who used your photo? These media outlets who lay off their photographers with talents in exchange for the average iPhone user who wasn’t creative enough obviously, so they stole HER your photo? Sharks.

Example Two: (This happens weekly on our Fan page): The Facebook galleries by promoters from an amazing photographer who is never credited when they post. I mean really? The promoter knows who he is hiring, paying & expecting images from ASAP (if the said photographer  was compensated) then on TOP OF THAT you post this amazing gallery of talented work with no link back to the artists page so he must link himself? REALLY? In short you’re scum to us, almost the worst because it’s almost intentional. Facebooks privacy rules are enough alone to not post there so we DONT! Remember to drive traffic back to you not to facebook!

Example Three: (This happens often & our network asks us what to do): Blog ripping of content & images via aggregated feeds or just plan old biting out of laziness. This just happened to us recently and well we are very upset because it lacks dignity & respect given the culprits. Our network often ask what to do if someone steals their images, content or claims it as their own without credit. This is a loaded answer but in short based on importance,consult a lawyer. What burns ME on this one is I AM A CREATIVE (artist, poet, photographer, illustrator & web designer) who just happened to create something “cool” online. So when I see other blogs stealing so blatantly our photography images with no credit it is upsetting because we credit any & everyone we can out the gate as we KNOW how it is. These major publications don’t, they aren’t creative they are just sharks looking for anything to represent there satire based articles they can find.

As of this day on everything we will forever stand up to the bullies without Creative Respect & Dignity abusing artist.

We last November had an amazing blast in Miami with the world’s top urban bloggers (Bossip, Karen Civil, Freeonsmash, Vibe.com, RevoltTv, Dallas Socials via DJ IRIE & BRISK BODEGA). We thought we made friends as Janee (Senior Editor of Bossip) coolest hair during the trip, best dancer and was so nice when we all had to catch our flights & sleepiest lol was mad cool. Karen we met briefly but she did not honestly seem interested in speaking with us at all which is fine handle your business first.

However, whoever was responsible for using OUR images (shot in our kitchen read the exif data photogs) on Karen Civil & Bossip without photo credit need to step up. See picture/screenshots mind you this is not beef but flat our disrespectful. As a publication yeah sure it’s nothing but as an artist it is EVERYTHING. Not one person from either publication was there with us for the 2.5 hours it took to get those shots with our photo rig etc. So to bluntly just rip the work yeah NOT RESPECTED Currently. When you “right click and save as” the image notice it says Chicago*** and how they PURPOSELY cropped out our logo with intent to steal our photos. WHAT THE FUCK.

Our Initial Post Chicago: http://chicagohustlesmagazine.com/21994/sponsored/dj-irie-xbrisk-miami-music-experience (excuse the post length its via the images) Chicago Hustlesbriskarticlenottobecopied

Bossip: (look at the photos we watermarked below) http://bossip.com/863159/bossip-giveaways-win-free-swag-from-dj-irie-x-brisk-miami-music-experience


Karen Civil: (look at the photos we watermarked below) http://karencivil.com/civil-giveaway-dj-irie-the-brisk-bodega-miami-music-experience

karencivilisabphotothiefofChicago Hustles

Similarities Much? Yes! No matter how small you feel you are, you are greater when you share your hustle/struggle/passion with others. This is what has become the backbone of Chicago Hustles Magazine.

In conclusion Creative Entrepreneur’s especially photographers cover your bases even on Instagram. It’s a few watermark apps out there, on our desk top we use watermark factory which we have provided a link for you out of trying to educate the creatives who support us (we are not hosting this link). As we said on twitter it’s up to US to protect ourselves from the Sharks! I go on these websites, instagrams, twitters and facebooks watching them achieve such praise but you REALLY have no idea how shady this game can be. This is why our main focus is creative entrepreneurship to which we try to ONLY network with those who are humble hustlers (meaning no bullshit like this) and those who can appreciate our goal & aim as a blog/website.

They aren’t creatives so they stole from those who are, how original is that? We are here to grow with YOU, but for growth the soil must be right. Can you dig it?

Chicago Hustles will be the Creative Entrepreneur Fight Club equivalent soon.

The First Rule of Chicago Hustles: You do not talk about abusing or manipulating other creatives.

The Second Rule of Chicago Hustles: You DO NOT talk about abusing or manipulating other creatives.

The Third Rule of Chicago Hustles: If someone does not define “pay” or some form of compensation, the meeting is OVER.

The Fourth Rule of Chicago Hustles: Embrace one opportunity at a time; this helps your flow in business.

The Fifth Rule of Chicago Hustles: Share your stories when you can, it helps us all know what’s possible.

The Sixth Rule of Chicago Hustles: Time is money. No games or wasting of another’s time.

The Seventh Rule of Chicago Hustles: Persistence towards your goals daily should continue as long as they have too

The Eight Rule of Chicago Hustles: If being a creative entrepreneur is your PASSION, you have to share!

Who came CORRECT  though? A passionate head with COMMON Sense (imagine that Chicago). Mikey showed us love on Vibe.com (Mikey is that dude when he comes to the GO you better come fucks with him. No jokes, REALNESS.


What Happened to Creative Respect & Dignity? Well, Social Media….smh. We shoot, own and will pursue legal actions against anyone using, abusing or not contacting us for usage of our creativity. This goes for writing as well. We are so indie it often hurts financially, so when you sharks jump in our indie kiddie pool it pisses us off honestly. Have some Creative Respect & Dignity! Written by Durte Genius

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