WhoIsFluffy: Best Friend featuring ProbCause X James Franco

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It’s possible you’ve heard WhoIsFluffy: Best Friend featuring ProbCause X James Franco? collaborating with Hologram Kizzie (aka Psalm One); they’ve been rocking stages together for years! A former club kid turned manager, Fluffy has been behind the scenes of Chicago’s most beloved parties and artists….she’s an exciting artist to watch in her own right.

“Best Friend” is Fluffy’s first single, featuring ProbCause and James Franco. Think Portishead meats Shabazz Palaces — her music massages the brain while tackling controversial topics like race and monogamy. This is only the beginning of what is already a very bright career for Fluffy.

If you’re in Chicago, catch Fluffy playing with Hologram Kizzie, Beasthead, Deuce Funk Monsters and more at Jerry’s Sandwiches 1938 W. Division at 9pm on Thursday, July 17.

And of course, please enjoy the first single from WhoIsFluffy? entitled “Best Friend”, featuring Chicago’s own ProbCause and James Franco

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