Word Of Mouth Reunion Tour: Chicago

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The Word Of Mouth Reunion Tour: Chicago was beyond an amazing good time! We heard Jurassic 5 was coming into town back in April 7 sent out a press request we honestly forgot about given it was going to be in our walking distance circumference at what was then suppose to be the Aragon. They moved the show to the Riviera which made it that much sweeter and reached out to Chicago Hustles to spread the word as well as offer us some intimate time in the photo pit with the beat junkies, dilated peoples & Jurassic 5. This is a slight recap of the amazing time we had which if you happen to read this you should suppose good genuine hip hop if it rolls through your city via this tour.

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As we entered effortlessly and made our way to the front we realized we had never shot in the photo pit at the Riv. When we came back in May last year for the Riv Reunion there was no pit so we had no idea what to expect. The Pit had us so close to the artist we saw sweat drops, nose hairs and shirt wrinkles, literally however as the security near the pit told us the haps we where more than happy to oblige. As we walked into the pit 1 song behind of the 3 allowed for Dilated we started shooting away gathering the shots you now see above. We honestly didn’t expect the pit to be this heated with so many restrictions given the amount of times we have seen Dilated Peoples in Chicago & J5 over the years. The security was very on point with the times, amount of shots and exit from the pit. They where in short not having it. As we fell back into the crowd like we had no credentials they didn’t realize we had our LUMIA 1020 on deck which allowed us to record the rest of the set (a bit grainy) from about 350 feet back (see video) with the ability to effortlessly zoom in & out of the show. This we didn’t even know we could do so guess who was happy (cues Pharell) yes us Chicago Hustles. After Dilated Peoples wrapped up their show which is always dope in music but Babu honestly always steals the show with his solos. We LOVE Dilated BUT their show has been the same consistently since 2008 when we saw them in Chicago. Its good to keep it thorough but don’t make it boring when performing key word “when performing”. We keep it honest here so mid their set which we could almost predict we went to the bar to re-up as the crowd which seemed very bro-ish was getting rowdy.

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As we where cued to come into the pit by the bouncer for our three songs of shooting it was time for J5. We have a history with J5 like since day one noticing they where the new Freestyle Fellowship back in our bboy days. We had the tapes, the albums, the cds you get the point…in short we love genuine hip hop. J5 has been known to rock 2 hours plus with EASE at a show so we had to get it in during the first three songs. We did our best ha ha. When you are a product of the culture, enjoy the band and have to shoot them you run into all types of conflicts in the moment. I was shooting, listening to the bars, dancing slightly all while trying to capture the shot I was after for YOU READERS to peep. The struggle is real but our passion is more immense when it comes to great music. As they went through a piece of there catalog just like that out time was up & we were hot as hell so we retired to the upper level hoping it would be more chill, NO. We with Lumia’s & Dslr’s out kept shooting until being interrupted by the head of security stating we could not shoot anymore so we put the cams away. In video mode we go as he did not realize the power of the Lumia 1020 our Trojan horse as we call it lol. Its like the party never stopped but damn it was hot in there. The video below will tell the rest of the story but after a 7 year hiatus, a reunion of a tour J5 for sure still have the chemistry & magic which made us love them in the first place. They embody hip hop as a culture while showing that a group can keep true o the roots of the culture yet still get along, perform and represent the hip hop culture we all love so much as a UNIT.

It was so raw, Cut Chemist & DJ Numark need a solo tour or their own series of albums. Oh & a dedicated shout out to the girl who some how made it past security TWICE to get on stage but also be helped on stage by Charlie Tuna to be escorted off again. She had determination & drive which we wish more “so called” Hip Hop Artist had the these days…

Photos by Durte Genius Photography & Mother Diablo

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