YEEZUS: Uptown Chicago

Originally From the Uptown Update:

‘As some may know, Kanye West is introducing the music from his latest album by projecting videos on buildings all over the world.

Later tonight the projection is scheduled to come to Uptown, between 10:30pm-11pm, at Bridgeview Bank, at Lawrence and Broadway. Based on what happened last month at Wrigley Field, a big van comes by, a couple guys open the doors, quickly set up a couple of projectors, and voila, instant canvas.

A few projections have been cancelled by killjoy cops, so it’ll remains to be seen how he fares in heart of Uptown’s Entertainment District.”


Chicago Hustles: We live 3 blocks or so from the bank and totally forgot YEEZUS: Uptown Chicago was going on until 10:52pm  “After A Kanye Shrug” prompted by the poor Wrigley Field Display before  we saw it & kept the evening at home going in full effect. Not all of us where so nonchalant. A few Chicagoans decided to get out in the rain and see the premier on the side of  Bridgeview Bank. We received this clip from Local photographer Craig Seymour (Twitter & Facebook) of the premier.

We hear what he is saying in the song & yes he can write, produce &  is one hell of a beatmaker BUT if you are whoring yourself for label grandiose recognition how is this a revolutionary song?  If anything it is a severe contradiction. We have always supported Kanye’s creativity as a multi talented DIY artist but practice what you preach please?  IMAGINE what his support could do for indie Chicago fashion labels instead of  the likes of Louie Vutton etc.


You guys remember this freestyle with Mos Def & Ye?  Listen to Mos Def AKA Yasin Bey & listen to Kanye’s waste of air as far as true freestyles go which are off the top of the head normally. (both seem kinda written)

If that is what a freestyle is to you, are you not allowing yourself to be a slave by choice?  “New Slaves” is as ironic as a leader being lead into a pole by himself. (Kims face & the sound: Priceless). We see you Ye’ but as Basement Jaxx said ….”Where’s your head at?”

A supporter of Kanye on facebook made a good point:

“Just listened to the new Yeezus leak. I respect that he’s trying to make a more artistic album and he’s trying to talk about the ills of society on some tracks esp on “New Slaves.” But I just find it hypocritical because he’s kind of the poster boy for materialism &  excess.” -Anonymous Post

This Video Below by 119 Chicago is also on point.

Download it here & tell us what you think. BTW We did not LEAK this simply posted a hyperlink to seek out it.


Keep Paasionate. Go Hustle.

-Chicago Hustles

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